STSL Wealth Management Scheme

The STSL WEALTH MANAGEMENT SCHEME intends to construct portfolio for clients with the aim of achieving returns above the NSE all share index while meeting the specific needs of our clients.

Participation in the STSL Wealth Management Scheme

We formally invite you/your Company to be a part of our Wealth Management Scheme. this scheme provides customize investments options by taking into consideration the investor’s objectives, preferences, and risk aversion mixed with our professional opinion based on our expertise in the Nigerian Capital Market and other markets with a view to generating optimal returns on your investment.

The minimum level of investment required for eligibility is N5 Million Naira only (Five Million naira only) which could be in cash, existing stock/shares or a combination of both

Investment Period

You will be required to maintain the investment for a minimum period of one year because we believe that capital market investment should have medium to long term gestation periods to achieve optimal returns on investments.

However, this arrangement can be terminated by either party giving two months notice in writing. In the event of such an occurrence, the termination will be effected within two months at the best market price.

Our Role

To Build and manage a portfolio of stocks that consistently generates impressive returns within the period.

Investment Options

There are two options available, they are:

This option affords the investor the control over the selection of stocks in the construction of your portfolio. We both decide what to buy or sell, when and at what price.

In this case, our asset management team does the stock picking on your behalf. Our skilled backed by our state of the earth research mechanism will be deployed to ensure that your portfolio is well positioned to deliver maximum return.

Performance Update

Performance analysis on your portfolio and a statement of account will be forwarded to you at the end of every quarter.

This statement will contain information on:

  • • Stock Holding
  • • Transaction Prices
  • • Accrued Bonuses and Dividend
  • • Average and total cost
  • • Capital Gain


  • • Detailed analysis of every public offer
  • • Access to stocks collateralized loan
  • • Free online access to stock position
  • • Online access to investment valuation
  • • Free monthly analysis of the stock market via our news letter

Charges and Returns

A management fee of Two percent (2%) will be charged on the invested capital, which will be deducted at (0.5%) per quarter. We are also sure of a minimum expected returns of 5% above the money market rate on your investments, while any extra capital gain above the minimum expected returns will sbe shared by SanTrust and the investor at the rate of 30% to (SanTrust) and 70% to the (Investor)

Methods of Deposits

This product is structured to suite investors both within and outside Nigeria. However, to achieve this goal, two payment options have been made available to investors. These are:

Investors resident within the Nigeria
Investors domiciled in Nigeria can make payment through our Zenith International Bank account or at our offices for payments through cheque.

Other Investors
Investor abroad can pay into the company’s domiciliary account (contact our office for more information). Please note that value for foreign deposits will be at the ruling exchange rate at the time of deposit.


SanTrust is a company founded on integrity, professionalism and expertise. Hence you can rest assured that your investment is safe and that it has been contrasted to yield optimal returns. We will like to state at this juncture that we place a huge premium on client’s confidentiality.

We look forward to dealing with you thank you.